Some people are very creative. They were born with amazing talent. Their creativity is limitless. Scientists say that their right brain must be very active. This uniqueness is actually very rare. It cannot be learnt. It is given by universe since you were born. The creativity can be used to create a better world. Our world will not be monotonous if highly creative people do something for it. The legacy of Michael Jackson about making the world a better place will live forever.

You can also be rich if you are creative. You make everything you like creatively. All things on earth can be used to another cool things. You can teach people how to make crafts. You can teach kids how to make fantastic crafts. You can tell teenagers how to make amazing crafts. If you want to become professional in making crafts, train yourself like crazy! Practice makes perfect. Hard work will never betray you. You can get inspired by all things around you. Some new places may be the source of new inspiration.

Great Concepts and Ideas
Great Concepts and Ideas

Find them and reveal the treasure of creativity.

Everyone can alter wood logs into beautiful furniture. We can alter pillow into something more odd. We also cold turn toilet paper roll into fantastic belongings. Even kids would be able change table into cat’s house. You can change cotton into cloud for your bedroom. You can make bird’s house from toilet paper roll. You can transform logs of wood into human nest where you can sleep like on your bed. You can alter artificial crystal into something else. You can change your water bottle into lamp that lights up your book.

Everyone may make glass into chairs and tables. We could create lamps out of balloons. We could build a hobbit house that can live in underground. We could build a house in a tree. We could make sharp tools to fasten cutting. We could create a new Viagra from herbal ingredients. We could make a smoking pipe out of fossil. We could make rings out of meteorite. We could make a new kind of vehicle out of metal or wood. You can make a new material to build a house. You can create new recipes that amaze many people. We could make new method to make people rich. We could create new ornament that can make your room amazing.

Great Concepts and Ideas
Great Concepts and Ideas

Great Concepts and Ideas

We could call ghosts and commend them to serve other people. You can make new kind of cloth that can heal itself. You can build an anti-gravity-flying car. We could teach people especially men to get ant women they want. We could create new style of martial art. We could create new hairstyles. We could create new program for computer. We could make a new dance that can be famous around the world. We could teach people how to become rich like crazy. You can teach the ancient wisdom to attract every thing in life.

You can make new phenomenal movies. You can write amazing novels that inspire the world. You can create a new method in teaching every thing. You can revive ninjutsu to create new shinobi. You can make tools that can make work easier.

Great Concepts and Ideas
Great Concepts and Ideas

You can create anything you want creatively. There is no limitation in doing something creatively. The world needs more creative people to make it amazing. The world can be colorful in life if creative people share their creativity to it. If you are very creative, share your creation with other people. You can share how to make cool things on YouTube. You can make a lot of money from doing such thing.

Essential Concepts for Your Marketing Plan Industries
Finance Fun Ideas For Planning a Vacation Future Technology Investment Marketing Plan Industries Organization Suggested Online Business Ideas Tips

Essential Concepts for Your Marketing Plan Industries

Essential Concepts for Your Marketing Plan

Essential Concepts

Essential concepts Marketing is essential to support your business. It helps to communicate and deliver your brand message. Whether for small or large businesses, a marketing tool is necessary.

Although marketing can boost sales, it can be a challenging process. So, you have to find the right way to decide your marketing concept. The following are some marketing ideas for your business.

Product Demand

This idea defines how a company can satisfy its customers through its products. Additionally, the company should be able to reach the market attention as well. It is one of the significant factors in any business.

Find out what your customers need and require. You may discover it from the local community. Search how you can fill the gap between your product and customers’ need.

Try to understand what customers want. So, you can transfer their message through your product. Moreover, it encourages you to save costs on promoting your product.

This approach helps you to dig more into how your product can benefit the market. Although it may take time and patience, it is advantageous for you to do.

It can push the growth of your product and build confidence in marketing. Thus, you understand what kind of marketing strategy you should apply.

Marketing Cost

You have to set a budget plan for promoting your product. It helps you to introduce your product to the market. By having this strategy, you can keep your cost on track and not exceed your budget plan.

Promoting is significant to attract a new customer. Besides, it can drag more loyal customers to be aware of your product. Remember to focus on your potential customers.

There are many ways for this approach. You can do advertising, sales and marketing, and many more. It is better to consider the things that your product need.

Make sure you calculate everything carefully. You should not miss every single part, including creative cost, technical cost, etc. Thus, you can balance the spending between what the product need and what the customers need.

Customer Support

Having reliable customer support is also essential in developing your business. No matter how excellent your product, you should have great communication with your customers too.

Some companies may invest merely in their product without pay attention to the internal service teams. Take good care of your customer. Moreover, you should be aware of the support and services that you deliver to the customer.

Prepare your teams to be the representative of the company. Enrich them with the necessary information and basic knowledge to assist the customers. So, they are ready to help the customer at any time.

Do not let your customer leave in disappointment. Serve and make them satisfy not only with the product but also with the services provided. You have to provide them with a memorable experience.

Remember each customer’s disappointment can be a poison to other customers. They may share their bad experience with others. Therefore, you and your team should be well-prepared in handling the customers.

Easy and Fun Dinner Recipe Ideas Cooking Skill For Kids
Recipe Ideas Cooking Tips

Easy and Fun Dinner Recipe Ideas Cooking Skill For Kids

Easy and Fun Dinner Recipe Ideas for Your Kid to Teach Them about Cooking Skill

Easy and Fun Dinner

Easy and fun dinner recipe ideas cooking skill for kids. During the covid19 pandemic more people are required to work from home. More time at home means you get more opportunity to teach your children new things. You can make the best time out of quarantine to teach your kids some basic cooking skills that can be useful for them. This can make them more independent to cook by themselves. Let them try to make dinner for family with your guidance.

Commit your kids to learn about cooking once a week or if your kids love to cook you can try to teach them every day or when the time allows you to do so. The sooner you let your child to work, the sooner they will have the skills to cook for you and themselves.

Recipe Ideas

The easy to follow recipe ideas below is a good starter that is easy for your kids to follow. The methods for these recipes are pretty basic and they are also great to do during quarantine.

Here are the lists of recipe ideas for your kids. Some of these recipes are semi-homemade; it means that they don’t require cooking from scratch. They start with an already prepared item or two and transformed into new food. Recipes ideas like this are an excellent way to help your child to familiarize themselves with basic cooking skills.

Easy Five Minutes Mexican Vegan Tacos

This Mexican cuisine requires more than just chopping the ingredient and assembling. For this recipe you need 5 minutes for preparing and another 5 minutes to cook so the total time required to make this food ready to serve is only 10 minutes. The required ingredients are:

  • four whole wheat of tortillas
  • one grilled, husked, or canned corn
  • 1 cup or 170 grams of cooked black beans
  • 1 sliced avocado and a hot favorite chili sauce
  • 120 grams or three quarter cup of cherry tomatoes
  • ½ of red onion, chop them
  • 2 tablespoon of fresh parsley, chop them
  • 1 teaspoon of ground cumin powder

Now the instruction to cook this food is like this: you need to assemble the tacos. Distribute all of the ingredients such as, black beans, corn, slices of avocado, cherry tomatoes, parsley and chopped onion amongst tortillas. Then season it using ground cumin powder, ground black pepper and lime juice. Add your favorite hot chili sauce if you like. These tacos are best consumed in fresh condition, but you can store them in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. It is better to store the ingredients individually in sealed containers.

French Style Bread Pizzas

This recipe is also easy to follow and make. The French bread pizza can adjust to the ingredients you have in your kitchen. This recipe includes cheeses and sauces options. You can arrange the breads on a baking sheet. Then cover them with topping and the last thing to do is to bake it. The full recipe is available online and it does not require much time and many ingredients to make.

Informal Education Form Our Ideas And Concepts Qualifications
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Informal Education Form Our Ideas And Concepts Qualifications

The Ways Formal And Informal Education Form Our Ideas And Concepts

Informal Education Form

Informal education form our ideas And concepts ideas when people talk about education. They usually mean and will think about something like formal qualifications in High School. Associate, Bachelor, Master degrees, colleges, or courses. Indeed, education can mean degrees obtained in educational instances, or the colleges and courses lists you are enrolled to. On the other hand, it can also mean the collective efforts of people who continuously plant on ideas and concepts that build us the way we are.

The term education doesn’t only refer to formal education as in degrees, colleges, or courses. It can also be informal where the scopes are broader and the means of planting ideas and concepts are usually done in a more subtle way.

Ideas and Concepts Formations

Still, both play roles in shaping our ideas and concepts, albeit in very different ways. In this article, we’ll look at how both forms of education shape our ideas and concepts. Finally, we’ll see how those ideas and concepts formations form who we are now. Tests, quizzes, and assignments are three of the most common ways formal education form, as well as nourish and implant ideas and concepts in our head. Tests, quizzes, and assignments can be done individually or in groups.

Individually, we may see patterns of questions and instructions created by the instructors (can also be referred to as teachers or lecturers) that help in forming our ideas and concepts, as well as our individual understanding of the subjects.

Cooperate and Collaborate

In group discussions or in any grouped assignments, we learn to cooperate and collaborate with fellow team members while learning to be leaders to serve one another in demonstrating our deepest held values, missions, goals, and many other more, to the rest of our team members. Students sitting down to hear lectures and practice their knowledge in. Mini-demonstration-styled classes are also considered as the processes in getting the ideas and concepts ingrained in students’ everyday life.

The tools we are taught to use also play part in forming ideas and concepts in our head. For example, if we’re getting used to use Microsoft Excel during an Accounting class, we may begin to be accustomed to use Microsoft Excel in other areas of our lives. Informal educations, on the other hand, are not obtained in degrees, colleges, or courses. The term circle of friends and close relatives are usually the scopes of informal educations. Those are the group of people we interact and communicate with on regular basis.

Online and Offline Communities

We may know our circle of friends by joining the online and offline communities, religious activities, and many other ways. In shaping the ideas and concepts in our heads, our circle of friends are not only communicating. With us in verbal and written ways, but they also engage us in several social activities.

In other words, the contents we communicate, the kinds of social activities we participate in. And many other more that we do with our circle of friends in consistent manners every day. Help us be more ingrained in our ideas and concepts. Having those being said, there are many ways the society form our ideas and concepts through formal and informal education.

Easy Drawing Ideas and Concept You Must Know About
Art Easy Drawing Future Technology Great Startup Ideas Ide Startup Hebat Tips

Easy Drawing Ideas and Concept You Must Know About

Getting to Know about Easy Drawing Ideas and Concept

Easy Drawing Ideas

Easy drawing ideas and concept you must know about before starting to draw something on the paper. The first job an artist has is finding the concept for the drawing. Concept basically is an abstract idea that help people to slowly create an idea that works best for the concept. Sometimes, an artist can spend days or even weeks to create concepts. However, after concept has been made, an artist could expand the concept into ideas.

In order to build a great concept, it needs consistency, discipline, care and a lot of time to keep exploring. Considering that the skill of concept art is very important in order to become a well – trained and professional artist, you should learn this subject really deeply. Here are some drawing concepts and ideas that you can try right now to train your skill.

5 Major Drawing Ideas to Train Your Concept Art

  1. Draw a Person

One of the most popular drawing objects that artists like to try is drawing people. If you are new into this subject, that you can try it by drawing the caricature of yourself. You can imagine yourself as a hero then draw your imagination on the blank paper. Instead of drawing your self – portraits from ordinary perspective, you can try from different perspectives.

If you still don’t have any idea on how to draw self – portrait from different perspectives, you can see it yourself by placing a mirror from opposed angles. Then draw the eye in a close up and sketch the hands. You can make different style of ears by observing people’s ears. You can also draw self – portrait by looking at your reflection in the spoon.

  1. Draw Landscape

There are many options of landscapes that you can draw. You can draw the landscape that you see from the window. You can also draw an imaginary natural landscape or landscape that you ever saw in the past.

To make your draw more unique and different, you can draw from unusual perspective such as draw a view from under a bridge, a view of the city from high building, view of a cliff when you see it from the top and so on.

  1. Draw Imagination

If you like to draw something out of ordinary, you can start it by drawing your own imagination. You can illustrate a picture from popular song, create a special character from your favorite novel and book, you can also draw a very beautiful flower bouquet for wedding ceremony, create minimalist and beautiful house that you always dreamt of, and so on.

  1. Draw Schedule

You can make your week schedule become more interesting to see when you create illustration based on the schedule. You can create illustration of your to – do list over the week or even meal that you want to eat very much.

  1. Draw Things at Home

Ideas for drawing can come from various sources, even things at your home. You can draw the items that are stored in the pantry and fridge, draw shoes, unfolded laundry or even your vegetable on the kitchen table.

The Future Vehicle Electric Car Environmentally Friendly is Here
Future Technology Marketing Plan Industries Organization The Future Vehicle Electric Car Tips

The Future Vehicle Electric Car Environmentally Friendly is Here

Electric Car, The Future Vehicle That Is Environmentally Friendly

The Future Vehicle Electric Car

The future vehicle electric car are predicted to be future vehicles that are efficient and also environmentally friendly. Along with the increasingly expensive fuel due to reduced world oil production, electric cars are said to be an alternative to an effective mode of transportation, especially in cities.

Karl Benz is the person who is said to have first sparked the concept of this electric car. However, previously the concept of an electric car had been mentioned since the 18th century. At that time, a number of scientists in Europe and America focused on making environmentally friendly cars with the concept of battery powered vehicles.

Concepts and Ideas

Currently, there are various kinds of concepts and ideas regarding electric cars. There is a type of hybrid that combines oil and electricity energy. In addition there is a car that uses a machine but its function as a tool to recharge or commonly known as a plug-in hybrid. There are also purely electric cars because the driving power only relies on the battery.

Previously, the concept and idea of an electric car began with a simple train that used horse power and a motor, small-scale electricity to drive the train. The forerunner of this electric car was then developed into a more modern concept when William Morrison succeeded in creating an electric car with a maximum speed of up to 12mph, but it took up to 10 hours to charge the battery.

Recharge The Battery

Unfortunately, electric cars have experienced a decline due to the abundance of world oil reserves. Less practical because it takes a long time to recharge the battery is also one reason why electric cars have lost their interest. It was only in the 90s when environmental awareness was increasing and oil and natural gas reserves were depleting, that many companies tried to develop electric cars again.

Tesla Motor has developed a modern electric car concept that has attracted the attention of many people. The first generation of their electric car was developed around 2008 to 2012. Despite the failure, Elon Musk’s idea as the owner of Tesla Motor regarding an elegant. Sophisticated, practical and fast electric car apparently. Made many other automotive companies challenged to make it

Tesla motorcycles

Apart from Tesla motorcycles, several other automotive companies later developed their own flagship electric cars. Like Hyundai, which made Hyundai Ioniq and Kona, then there are General Motors and Honda who work together to make electric cars that are not only fast but also luxurious and environmentally friendly.

Even though they are competitive, the concepts and ideas of some of these automotive companies. Regarding their electric cars are almost the same. They created electric cars to reduce dependence on fossil fuels which are depleting and cannot be renewed anymore.

Electric cars have the potential to be created as transportation in the future. Especially if you look at the bad impact of gasoline-powered cars on the environment today. Meanwhile, scientists are also working on creating new types of batteries for electric cars. Which can be used to travel longer distances on a single charge.

Great Startup Ideas Still Very Rarely to Find Currently
Great Startup Ideas

Great Startup Ideas Still Very Rarely to Find Currently

Great Startup Ideas Still Very Rarely to Find Currently. The startup business is highly demanded nowadays. However, it is not something easy to do. You must have enough experience in terms of startup development to be successful. Or at least, you must have a unique idea regarding what the startup is all about.

A unique idea that has not been realized by many people tends to give you many benefits. Moreover, it is if you can make your brand a trademark regarding the business idea. Well, when thinking about an e-commerce platform, it must be Amazon that comes to your mind. Meanwhile, an online transportation platform is also closely related to Uber. So, are you interested in developing a startup business but still don’t have any idea; some ideas below may attract you.

Home Design and Architecture Startup

Great Startup Ideas Still Very Rarely to Find Currently
Home desing and architecture startup

Consulting to architecture and a home designer is a great thing to do when you want to build up or renovate a house. However, it always consumes time and money. In this modern-day, this method is not effective, particularly if you have a tight schedule. The solution can be presented through a startup for home design and architecture.

In the platform, users can submit data related to the surface area, the surface area to build the house, the surface area to build a garden, and more. If you want it to be better, prepare also a bar where users can submit budgets. Then, after clicking a button, the prediction of home design can appear whether the exterior or interior.

The app can also connect users with experts like architects or designers. So, it enables them to consult what they want. Designing a house and consultation sessions can be more interesting this way.

Interpreter Startup

Great Startup Ideas Still Very Rarely to Find Currently
Great Startup Ideas Still Very Rarely to Find Currently

About language, there has been Google Translate and many dictionary startups to download. However, there are still only a few apps available for interpreting activities. An interpreter startup is functioned to record what you say in any language and then interpret it in the form of documents. It is even better if, on the app, there is a translation feature so that the understanding process is getting easier.

This idea is taken from Google which enables users to search for information with voice. In an interpreter startup, the program must be more accurate in recognizing voices no matter the languages and dialects. Well, it is probably difficult but you can just start it. Later, there are upgrades to make the performance better.

Fashion Design Startup

Great Startup Ideas Still Very Rarely to Find Currently
Fashion design Startup

The fashion design startup is intended for those who want to design their clothes but they are not good to draw. Some fashion and girl games may apply this concept but unfortunately, the options of colors and details are still limited. Sure, in this startup, the user can save the picture so that it is easier to bring or send it to the tailor.

Similar to the home design startup, there must be features that enable you to submit data regarding the width of materials and more. This way, the result can be more accurate. When the app can create patterns, it is much better for sure.

Recommended Online Business Ideas for You to Try
Suggested Online Business Ideas

Recommended Online Business Ideas for You to Try

Recommended Online Business Ideas for You to Try. Building up a business in a digital era is not as easy as it seems. There are many new challenges in which offline businesses may never experience. But sure, those challenges should not make you give up. Meanwhile, you just need to start it well so that later, the process is getting easier. A chance to develop your business opens more widely as well. Ideas and concepts must be thought of well also. If you have not found yet any business concept and idea to apply, here are some recommendations. Some of them are not new but quite promising.

Affiliation Business

Recommended Online Business Ideas for You to Try
Affiliation business

Affiliation is an activity of marketing but the product to market is not yours but owned by other people. In real life, it means you are being a distributor. The process of being an affiliate marketer is not simple actually. However, with the presence of technology like the internet, you will not find it too puzzling.

There are some steps to be an affiliate marketer. First of all, you must register yourself for an affiliation program and get a referral code, known also as a special link. Second, you must market products using your website or social media. Sure, it is better if you have your website to make you look more professional. Lastly, when there is a buyer who uses the code or follows the link you suggest, you can get the profit.

Dropshipping Business

Recommended Online Business Ideas for You to Try
Dropshipping business

Dropship is a digital business that enables you to sell products without thinking about stalls, warehouse, or transportation devices. All you need to have is your marketing skills. A little bit different from the affiliate marketer, the profit to get from being a dropshipper is from the difference of money accepted from buyers with the number of money to pay to the producer.

Interestingly, in the dropshipping business, it is the producer who must send products to customers. So, you are only being a connector entirely. The business is worth trying since you can start it all without initial capitals. Besides, you can determine the product you want to sell.

Providing Digital Content

Recommended Online Business Ideas for You to Try
Recommended Online Business Ideas for You to Try

Digital content has various forms including videos, pictures, articles, and more. So, do you have a talent related to one of them? If yes, it is very good to be a content provider. If you love writing, you can just write without thinking about creating your blog or website. The same thing can be done if you like creating videos or drawing pictures.

Many people need those services. Even influencers who work on YouTube and Instagram cannot provide content by themselves. Of course, providers are modern jobs that are very important. Additionally, money to gain from this business is not a few as well.

The main challenge of doing this business is that you need to be creative. Good connection and cooperation with clients are also important to build a long-term relationship with them. When this business has been bigger, it is not bad to hire a team. The more people in the team, the more creative it will be.

Simple Yet Spacious Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Should Know
Simple Bedroom Decoration

Simple Yet Spacious Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Should Know

Simple Yet Spacious Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Should Know. A bedroom is an important space to take a break after a busy day. But, what if you have a tiny bedroom? Determining an area for storage, maximizing room functions, and looking for inspiration designs to have a cozy bedroom is not that easy. Moreover, it is also not easy to decorate a small bedroom. But worry not! You can follow these ideas below to decorate your petite bedroom to look spacious and cozy.

Decorate As Minimalist As Possible

Simple Yet Spacious Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Should Know
Bedroom decorate

Maximize your bedroom area by simply decorating it with a minimalist design. Feature just enough interior accessories and furniture so that your bedroom will not feel crowded and stuffy. You can apply a long bedhead design that touches the end table area. This way, you can present a seamless bed impression. Imagine what activities you will do in your bedroom when you are about to decorate your bedroom. So, you will be able to decide what furniture will be placed there. For example, why do you need to place a working table if you already have a study room?

Built-In Shelves

Simple Yet Spacious Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Should Know
Simple bedroom

The next is choosing built-in shelves. A built-in shelf or storage rack that is installed on the wall and ceiling is an efficient solution to add another essential interior element. This way, you can still have storage in your small bedroom. You can add decoration, such as a painting if your bedroom is dominated by only one color. This way, your bedroom will look a little bit more colorful instead of looking plain and boring.

Standing Clothes Racks Instead of Wardrobes

Simple Yet Spacious Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Should Know
Simple Yet Spacious Bedroom

Replacing a wardrobe with a standing clothes rack will function as a space saver. Moreover, your clothes will get better air circulation so that this will minimize molds in your favorite outfit. If you choose a standing clothes rack, it will be better if you add a curtain so that your clothes are free from dust.

Simple and Compact Tables

If you think that a working table will make your small bedroom even smaller, you can opt for a hanging rack and install it in the corner of your bedroom. This way, you can also use it as a working table. You can also place a decoration there, such as a photo frame. Another alternative is you can design a customized bed head so that you can also use it as a working table. The ideal size for a rack slash working table is 1 meter x 3 meters. Make sure the materials used are strong enough.

Apply Bright Colors

Some research has already proven that bright colors applied in a small bedroom, especially on the walls, will make it look more spacious. However, you can also apply bright colors to your bedroom furniture, even though the effect is not as specific as to the walls. Choose bright colors according to your personalities and tastes. Generally, blue can provide a relaxing sensation. So, it is suitable to be applied in a bedroom.

Those are the decoration ideas for a petite bedroom.

Things You Can Do to Spend Time During Quarantine You Need to Know
Fun Ideas For Planning a Vacation

Things You Can Do to Spend Time During Quarantine You Need to Know

Things You Can Do to Spend Time During Quarantine You Need to Know. As we already know, the world has been affected by the Coronavirus or also known as COVID-19. More than 150 countries are affected. So, people around the world are forced to stay at home to minimize the spread of the virus. People start to work from home, study from home, and do other activities from home. Some of you are probably getting crazily bored. But, avoid getting stress by doing these activities below.

Making Dalgona Coffee

 Things You Can Do to Spend Time During Quarantine You Need to Know
Popular dalgona coffee

Dalgona coffee is getting popular today, especially among the culinary industry and coffee lovers. It is because this coffee is literally delicious and you need only simple ingredients to make it. Some people are already addicted to this Dalgona coffee. Since you are not allowed to go to a coffee shop during quarantine, why don’t you try to make this coffee at home? This way, you can still be productive as well as enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. If you do not know how to make it, just go to the internet. There are already a lot of tutorials to make this Dalgona coffee.

Working Out

 Things You Can Do to Spend Time During Quarantine You Need to Know
Play hard work hard

The next productive activity that you can do at home during quarantine is working out. Do not lose your abs during the quarantine. And do not use the quarantine as the reason you do not want to work out. You should be healthy by actively moving to fight against the virus. There are so many exercises that you can do at home without having to go to the gym. For example, Yoga, aerobics, sit-up, push-up, and many more. If you have sports equipment at home, do not forget to clean them up. Physical activities can increase the production of endorphin hormones that can help to reduce stress.


Things You Can Do to Spend Time During Quarantine You Need to Know
Things You Can Do

You can also do this activity with your kids. According to a study in 2012, kids who are cooking like healthy foods more than those who are rarely involved in cooking activities. Kids who often help their parents to cook are interested more in fruits and vegetables. They will also understand more about the importance of consuming healthy foods. As you know, most kids hate them, especially vegetables. So, change your kids’ mindset about fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods by cooking together during the quarantine.

You can also control how to consume healthy foods if you cook on your own at home. Do not hesitate to try new recipes you found on the internet.

Do Your Hobby

If you do not have enough time to do your hobby due to your busy schedule, now you can utilize this quarantine time to do it. Doing your hobby can keep you connected to your true identity and ambition. Doing hobbies can sharpen your mind and intelligence. It is also even good for your physical and mental health. Do you have a new novel that you have not finished reading yet? Grab it and read the novel. Or, you can join online courses that can improve your hobby, such as knitting, digital marketing, and so on.

Fun Ideas For Planning A Vacation That You Should Know About
Fun Ideas For Planning a Vacation

Fun Ideas For Planning A Vacation That You Should Know About

Fun Ideas For Planning A Vacation That You Should Know About. Traveling is always fun. No matter if you do it alone, or with your family or friends. Having a vacation has a lot of benefits to offer. You can escape your busy schedule for a while, reduce your stress, learn new cultures, and many more. You can opt for exploring cities in your country or going overseas instead. When it comes to traveling, there are so many fun ideas that you can try.

Enjoy Fantastic Meals

 Fun Ideas For Planning A Vacation That You Should Know About
Enjoy fantastic meals

If you plan to spend your holiday in Singapore, you should never miss ‘lo hei’ or prosperity toss. You and your family or friends will surround Cantonese raw fish salad dishes and toss the filling to the air while saying your wishes. This tradition believes that the higher you toss, the more lucks you will get throughout the year. For you who want to try this tradition, you can consider Jade Restaurant in The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore. Or, you can try a new thing in the Carlton Hotel Singapore where Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant offers the improvised version of the famous dish by using Alaskan crabs.

Have A Luxurious Getaway

 Fun Ideas For Planning A Vacation That You Should Know About
Luxurious gateway

For a solo traveler who wants to escape the typical business and crowds of a big city, it is highly recommended to visit Taiwan. Get yourself relaxed in a luxurious hotel, Fleur the Chine Hotel. This luxurious hotel exactly faces Sun Moon Lake with its stunning view. Fill your days by visiting beautiful places nearby, such as Lalu Island, Wenwu Temple, Cien Pagoda, Chaowu Pier, and more. Another recommended alternative is the Radium Kagaya International Hotel. It is a great place for you who want to get totally relaxed. This hotel is only steps away from famous tourist attractions in the city, such as Beitou Hot Spring.

Be Brave for An Adventure

 Fun Ideas For Planning A Vacation That You Should Know About
Fun Ideas For Planning A Vacation That You Should Know About

A recommended destination to get challenging adventures and enjoy nature is Pokhara city in Nepal. Hikers at various levels can try hill trekking at Ghorepani Poon. Those who are looking for thrilling experiences should never miss hang-gliding. It will surely pump up your adrenaline. Suitable for adrenaline junkies. For accommodation, try to consider Raniban Retreat. It is a unique boutique hotel on an isolated small hill in Raniban Hill Forest in Pokhara. It needs 522 steps to reach the hotel. But the landscape on top of the hill is unbeatable. You will be welcomed with the breathtaking view of Himalayan Mountains, Fewa Lake, Pokhara City, and also the World Peace Pagoda. You can also enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Vacation with Your Whole Big Family

Amanpuri in Phuket is a holistic resort inspired by Ayutthaya, the capital city of Thailand before Bangkok. It is a perfect accommodation for a big family or group. It offers 9 Ocean Villa type rooms. Parents who bring their kids can also get relaxed with the spa service or spending time in a pool for adults at the beach. It is because this resort provides a daycare service according to requests. Interested to try this fun traveling idea?

Unique & Anti-Mainstream Wedding Concepts You Should Know
Fun Ideas For Planning a Vacation Great Startup Ideas Ide Startup Hebat Unique & Anti-Mainstream Wedding

Unique & Anti-Mainstream Wedding Concepts You Should Know

Unique & Anti-Mainstream Wedding Concepts You Should Know. Every and each couple definitely wants their wedding day to be memorable and meaningful. This is why they put effort into making their dream wedding come true. But some couples are still confused to choose and determine their wedding concepts. If you are one of them, here are some wedding concept inspirations for you.

Picnic Wedding

Unique & Anti-Mainstream Wedding Concepts You Should Know
Picnic wedding

For you bola 88 fans do not want to formally appear in a rigid wedding reception, a picnic wedding can be a good option. This picnic wedding concept presents a casual wedding reception with artsy decorations. Just like the real picnic, you should prepare a lot of mats as the seat. Choose mats or carpets in matching colors with the entire color theme of your wedding. This kind of wedding concept is suitable for you who dream about a casual yet warm wedding. For the wedding dress, a semi-formal one will do.

Industrial Wedding

Unique & Anti-Mainstream Wedding Concepts You Should Know
industrial wedding

The industrial style is mostly applied to coffee shops or restaurants interior designs. But this style is also epic to be used as wedding decorations. Wooden decorations and decorative hanging bulbs will make your wedding day feel unique and warm. You can combine the wooden elements with acrylic, gold, metal, or copper. The industrial style is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. In order to add a refreshing touch, you can combine the industrial style with a rustic style.

Whimsical Wedding

Unique & Anti-Mainstream Wedding Concepts You Should Know
Unique & Anti-Mainstream Wedding Concepts You Should Know

The next anti-mainstream wedding concept is a whimsical wedding. This wedding concept is suitable for you who love unique details, brave colors, and non-traditional elements. From brave colorful wedding invitations to unique wedding cakes. Creativity and strange ideas can also be applied to this whimsical wedding concept. You can try to hold a wedding party in a garden where every corner or seat is decorated with colorful balloons. Or, you can organize in a semi-circle so that the guests will focus on the bride and groom. Instead of a wedding cake, you can opt for cupcakes or donuts.

Terrarium Wedding

This wedding concept is a unique eco-green concept because it shows a mini pretty garden. The terrarium decoration can be a gorgeous centerpiece placed in VIP tables or used as hanging gardens. Moreover, you can also give terrarium glass balls as a wedding souvenir to your guests. This wedding concept is already popular today.

Nautical Wedding

Nautical is a wedding decoration concept that is identical to the marine theme. You can pick blue gradation and ocean ornaments if you want to apply this nautical wedding concept. You can opt for navy blue, Tosca, light blue, white, or yellow as the basic color. For the decoration, you can choose white and blue ropes, aquariums, sands, shellfish, starfish, fishing nets, iron buckets, wooden oars, and more. For the wedding venue, you can choose indoor rooms or seashore to accentuate the nautical theme.

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications
Great Startup Ideas Ide Startup Hebat Important Concepts to Have in Mobile App Notifications

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications. One of the universal features used in every mobile app is notification. Just like the name, notification is to notify you when messages or calls are entering. In certain apps, like Calendar, it reminds you if there is an important event to attend. Furthermore, the notification can also be a reliable marketing tool as it lets users go back to an app. E-commerce platforms are good examples of it.

If you have a plan to develop a new mobile app and want to offer it via the App Store, notifications are important things to consider. Unfortunately, some apps are failing in utilizing notifications. Consequently, notifications even turn into annoying and disturbing things to users. To avoid experiencing the same thing, here are some interesting concepts of notifications to know.

Lock Screen Notifications and Daily Planners

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications
Lock screen Notifications

A notification itself has some concepts to have. One of the concepts is known as the calendar concept as it combines push notifications and daily planners. Users can shift notifications to find out the plan that has been written every day. They also can see information specifically related to their activities on a particular day. Since the entire information can be found only by opening it once, users may feel more comfortable. They also want to use and open the app more often.

Customizations of Notification Setting

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications
Notifications settings

Have you ever noticed and even counted how many notifications that appear every day on your mobile device? If yes, you must also realize that not all of those notifications can attract and prompt you to open them. Yes, every day, users are bombarded by so many notifications from all apps. Unfortunately, not all those notifications are important. They are also impersonal and irrelevant as well as they appear not at the right time. Sure, if they are disturbing, it is the users’ right to inactivate them.

So, customizations of notification settings are very important. Users can have full control of whether they want to activate or inactivate them. Even if they want notifications to still be active but not disturbing, users can just mute them. So, it is very important to provide such customizations for the users’ comfort.

Request for Permissions

One of the worst concepts in notification things is sending a request for permission without giving clear explanations. So, the user may see sentences “This app wants to send you notifications”. Anyway, when a developer sends messages or requests for permission, they wish users will permit them to send notifications. However, many users prefer blocking it since they think it is not important. To avoid such things happening, developers need to explain details why users must give permissions for them to send notifications.

Reading Details of Notifications

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications
4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications

Reading details of notifications, known also as deepening details, is the next important concept on a mobile app’s notification. By applying this concept, users can take a look at or reading information completely without opening the app directly. The technique applied is also known like progressive revelation. Users see it through a button with sentences “Show More”.

3 Great Ideas and Concepts of a Website for 2020
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3 Great Ideas and Concepts of a Website for 2020

Ideas and concepts are very important elements on a website. They are commonly applied in the form of a design. Even if the website’s content is good and qualified, visitors may not be interested to read them all when the design is not good. In 2020, there are some ideas and concepts that are predicted to be trends.

The concept also features some other elements like virtual reality, machine learning, and voice users. Simple and minimalist ideas that have been popular since some years ago are still demanded a lot. Besides, there are some other ideas you should consider to improve your website’s performance. Check them out.

The Application of Flat Concepts

In previous years, designers and developers started to produce websites with sleek and clean designs. Despite it looks more beautiful and likable by many visitors, the layout is also functioned to improve the website’s performance whether on PC or mobile phone. Currently, such designs are still good ideas to apply. Additionally, there is a sub-concept of minimalist designs, namely flat concepts.

Application of Flat Concepts
Application of Flat Concepts

A flat concept doesn’t mean that your website looks flat and monotonous. It is a combination of minimalism and usability. Therefore, even every single detail on the website’s layout is expected to be functional. Flat concepts also have some important points. One of them is using mobility as a priority. Besides, the entire design must be responsive as well as the fonts must be accentuated well.

Scroll Triggered Animation

Technology is getting more and more developed. A web browser also can handle animation in much better ways than before. Previously, the animation was often considered too much and even disturbing. Well, starting in 2018, animation on websites is made to be more functional. It is starting from logos in the form of animation to scroll-triggered animation.

Scroll triggered animation encourages users to scroll down your webpage with interactive elements made more interactively. This idea is proposed to increase users’ engagement. Interestingly, the application of scroll-triggered animation has improved recently as it doesn’t require a big amount of data. Those data don’t need to be downloaded into your device just to make it look more interesting.

Scroll Triggered Animation
Scroll Triggered Animation

This kind of animation is coded and then applied on the website to help your brands to look more professional. As information, scrolled animation is not a new thing. But there are many improvements here and there to make it more effective and valuable. Additionally, it cleans your website’s layout more easily.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is also not a new idea but it will be more widely used in 2020. It is a kind of technology that connects many devices using the internet. A website must apply the IoT technology for sure. But this year, the application is getting better and more sophisticated. If you can develop a smart website with IoT, it simply attracts visitors even without them realizing it.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

To support IoT, virtual reality videos are also needed on your website. Although it is also not something new, virtual reality videos on website ideas and concepts in 2020 will have a better performance.

5 Most Wonderful Items that Make You Happy
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5 Most Wonderful Items that Make You Happy

 Nowadays, creativity at can make you rich. YouTube is the platform to promote your creativity to the whole people in the world. They can pay you if there are a lot of people watching your videos. The key to get successful in creative industry is to stay creative all the time. Let the word see your creativity. Do not let it die  Help the world with stuff that you create creatively. Your friend has made 5 most wonderful tools for you.

  1. A Scooter-Suitcase

This will make your day wonderful. You can travel in town with your clothes and other belongings. You can carry them a long the way. The scooter-suitcase is very popular in Europe. Actually, there are few competitors that make it for the world. You can take this chance to create your own variant.

  1. Spaghetti Measuring Tool

It is important to determine the length of spaghetti. If it is too long, then you can eat it neatly. If it is too short, you like eat rice. Therefore, in order to get the beat length, you need to use the tool. It is very cheap to male such thing. Make sure you clean it every tine you use it.

  1. A Pencil Lamp

Basically, it is a pencil that you should make it bigger. At the tip of it, you can attach a lamp. Possibly, you will need the help of a carpenter. It is bot too easy to make one. A professional carpenter is needed to finish the job. Unless you are a carpenter then I think this one is not difficult for you.

  1. Meatball Frying or Roasting Pan

You can make such tool easily of you are a blacksmith. The idea is to be able to roast or to fry the meatball perfectly with the sauce. It will be popular among youngsters and adults. Make sure it is non-rustic material that you use to make one. You can possibly sell it online with a good marketing management.

Meatball Frying or Roasting Pan
Meatball Frying or Roasting Pan
  1. Pictures on Umbrella

You can print out any pictures you want to make your umbrella look fantastic and uniquely yours. Generally, it is only one color. However, you can actually be creative to make an umbrella colorful and unique with printed pictures on. You can also make a customable printing for an umbrella. People will love it.

5 Most Interesting Tools that can Make You Feel Fantastic
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5 Most Interesting Tools that can Make You Feel Fantastic

If you want to feel fantastic, ask for some help from creative people. They can make you feel great all the time. You can  their products. You can promote their products. You can use their products. You can tell the world about their products. Do not let boredom make your life boring. If you need help, ask them to help you.

  1. A Stroller-Bike

You can rode a bike with your baby in the front safely. This unique design is created by my uncle, Patrick. He loves biking. Until he has a baby, he decides to crate such a unique bike. You can make it by yourself if you are good at mechanics and welding.

  1. Egg White Separator

This simple yet effective tools is created by my aunt, Jenny. She loves cooking and playing poker at Until one day, she comes up with the idea how to separate the white egg from the yolk. She is successful in creating the new tool. She names it the Eggperator.

  1. A Self-Stirring Mug

This idea comes from a bartender named John. He then co-operate with an electrical engineer named Augeng. They create the mug that can stir the drink by itself. It has little motor under the mug. They seal it with ceramic. You need this one if you like to drink coffee or tea.

  1. Portable Coffee Machine

You will need it of you like to travel with the coffee in your bag. It will help you make a glass of coffee. It is electrical device. An engineer creates it because he likes to drink coffee. He has helped a lot of coffee lovers with this great tool. You can buy it online. It is very durable and non-rustic.

Portable Coffee Machine
Portable Coffee Machine
  1. Sanitizing Wand

It is very useful to kill all viruses, bacteria, and microorganism perfectly. It is the creation of the brightest electronics engineers in America. The magic comes from the ultraviolet light in very powerful energy. It can vanish all parasites in no time. You really need this tool to make your couch, bed, carpet, mat, pillow and bolsters clean all the time. It is affordable to buy. It is very light and durable. It uses batteries to power up. You could buy it in electronic store near your house. It is sold worldwide. Make sure you use American product only.

5 Most Terrific Items in Milky Way Galaxy
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5 Most Terrific Items in Milky Way Galaxy

This galaxy is full of creative people. They are the true gift from the universe. They are rare and very unique. We all should thank them for what they have created for the world. I need them. You need them. We need them. Everyone at need them. The whole world need them so much. Every thing that can make your day brighter and easier is because of their creativity. Let us see their tools below.

  1. A Moon Lamp

Well, it is the idea of my sister, Lilian. She makes a lamp that looks like a moon. The material is actually an oil paper. The lamp should be brown or yellow to maximize the visual effect. It is very cheap and easy to make. You will need a globe to shape the paper.

moon lamp
moon lamp
  1. A Hands-Free Umbrella

When the rainy season comes, it is very important to bring an umbrella. However we have to hang on the handle. It is not efficient if we want to do something with our both hands. Therefore, you can  create a hands-free umbrella to make your activity easier in the rain.

  1. Bottle Lights

Alter your transparent bottles into lamps. The light inside the bottle is very amazing. It looks unique and beautiful. You can place them in cafe or bedroom. People will love it a lot. You can insert a colorful lamp into the bottle. Let there be light my man!

  1. USB Rechargeable Batteries

Basically, it is a charging source in the form of battery. It means literally. You can charge your double A battery before you connect it or plug the USB cable to your smartphone. It is very simple and efficient to carry. It is durable and sturdy. You can recharge the battery for thousands of times.

USB Rechargeable Batteries
USB Rechargeable Batteries
  1. A Windows to Look at the Sky

You can extend the width of the window so that you can see the sky a little bit outside the window. You can lean your back and head and see the beautiful sky without getting worried about falling from the third floor or get wet by the rain. This unique window design is created by my father, Antonio. Make sure you choose strong metal and thick glass to support your body. Titanium frame is the best that you can use. Male sure you clean it up every day. Cleanliness is very important to see the sky clearly.

5 Most Creative Machine on Earth
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5 Most Creative Machine on Earth

There are too many machine in the world. It looks like that people evolve better than before. Their ability to create new machine or stuff is fantastic. Probably, it is because there is a massive universal energy that merge with new born babies. The energy is believed and known as the source of creativity. If you are on of those babies, share your creativity with the world. It is tour responsibility to make a better world. Let Michael Jackson rest on peace.

  1. Flying Car

If you are genius and rich or you have rich friends who plays at, make the flying cars. Nicola Tesla is the one who first invented the technology to defy gravity. Then, Brown and Bifeld learn it further to create the real flying sorcerer. It is the time of flying cars. The future is now.

flying car
flying car
  1. Flying Motorcycle

The world needs new kind of motorcycle. You can create the world first flying motorcycle by using theory of anti-gravity. We can make the future now. It will be phenomenal. You can imagine how great the Moto GP is if they ride of a flying motorcycle.

  1. Faster than Light Speed Plane

A lot of people want to travel in space. They want to explore the universe. However, the speed is limitation. Hence, they want to build a spacecraft that can surpass the speed of light. The key is to build such thing is the Alcubierre theory. Of you are very smart, you can build the spacecraft that uses space fiber as the force to drag forward and push forward the craft.

  1. Flying Board

Today is not the time for skateboard. It is the time for flying board. The principle is basically the same with the flying sorcerer. The difference is only the shape i.e. a flying board like skateboard. Sell this thing worldwide. You can become very rich. It be a means of transportation. Teenagers and young people will love it a lot. Make your own brand.

flying board
flying board
  1. Flying House

A man who confesses that he is from the future tells that there will be flying houses in the future. Since the future is now, you cam build the very first flying house and make the world workshop you like God. Flying house is anti earthquake and anti tsunami and anti flood. It is because it is flying. What a wonderful idea.

5 Most Attractive Furniture in the Universe
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5 Most Attractive Furniture in the Universe

Day after day, new creative people are born. They are the ones who make the world colorful and unique. Some say we ca create our own heaven on earth. We can also create our own hell on earth. Nonetheless, if we want to live linger and evolve further, we should make heaven on this planet. With the help of creative people, we can make it faster and more easily. If you are very creative, you can create your own products and be rich.

  1. A Nest Bed

You can make your bed like a nest of a bird. It is very easy to make one. You can prepare a lot of wood blocks to create the nest bed. You cam colorize it whatever you like. Possibly, you can sell it and become richer than you are today. The bed is extremely unique and new. Sleep well, sleep tight, and sleep soundly. Do not let the bed bugs bite!

  1. Rainbow Table

Rainbow table is amazing and beautiful. You can make it by transforming artificial crystals or glasses into a table. Do it carefully and neatly. Make sure the crystals and glass are clean and colorful. Make the shape of the table as creatively as you can. Sell it to the world and make yourself richer than before.

Rainbow Table
Rainbow Table
  1. A Bookmark Lamp

Take a drinking bottle and fill it with mineral water. You can add fluorescent chemical I to it. When the darkness is real, your book will still get the light. This idea comes from my sister, Angela. She is very creative. You cam make the lamp with any transparent drinking bottles.

  1. A Ball Bathtub

It will be very creative if you make a bathtub out of a glass. Make sure that glass is very thick and dense. You can take a bath like a queen or a king. It is very modern and beautiful. Add hot water to relax your muscles after working all day long.

Ball Bathtub
Ball Bathtub
5 Most Inspiring Ideas about Tools
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5 Most Inspiring Ideas about Tools

When it comes to creative tools, there are limitless ideas that you can take. Thanks to highly creative people that share their creativity with the world. Nowadays, you can be rich by being a creative person and play poker online at You can teach people how to be creative more. You can make a lot of money online both by making tutorial, seminar or by selling your own products. People will get amazed with what you will have done creatively. It is time to let the world know the power of creative people.

  1. A river on a Table

It is very unique. You can make a river on a table by altering fiber glass or glass into the shape of a river. You can place it in the middle of a table. Make sure you do it neatly and naturally. Rich people love it a lot. Sell it to them and get the money my man!

  1. Wood Bicycle

Wood is very good material to make a bicycle. You can use mahogany, maple, rosewood and iron wood to make a strong and unique bicycle. It is still rare in the world. Get this chance to make more money. Build the most wood bicycles and sell them online and offline.

Wood Bicycle
Wood Bicycle
  1. Bamboo Bicycle

Bamboo is very useful to make tools and stuff. You can use Chinese bamboos or Japanese bamboos to build a unique bicycle. It is very likeable. Bikers will buy your products. Trust me it works. It is strong and safe to ride. It is still rare on earth. Therefore, get this chance to be rich by selling bamboo bicycle my man!

  1. Fiberglass Bicycle

Fiberglass is very useful to make a lot of stuff including bicycle. You can colorize the material i.e. fiberglass uniquely and interestingly. You can build a customizable bicycle. Bikers will love it like crazy. It is very strong yet very light. You could also create a new group or community of this bike.

Fiberglass Bicycle
Fiberglass Bicycle
  1. Clay Bicycle

You can make bicycle out of clay. However, it is only for ornament to your room. Of course you cannot ride on it. It is very rare. You could make the clay bicycle and sell it online. You can promote your product on YouTube for free. You can make black clay bicycle. The clay is from Tibet. It will be great.

5 Most Terrific Ideas about New Stuff in the World
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5 Most Terrific Ideas about New Stuff in the World

You can make these tools or products by yourself. This article will show you 10 amazing tools that are created by creative people. Hopefully, you can get inspired by and be happy all the time. All things that are shown here are very easy to make. You do not have to be a great creative master to make ones. You can teach other people once you master the techniques. You can be rich by doing it professionally. Kids love tools a lot. Teenagers like them a lot.

  1. Pillow Toys

You can alter your pillows into toys. Sword toys, axe toys, hammer toys, or stone toys. All of the can made out of pillow. Be creative to make the toys. Your kids will love it. You can sell them online and be wealthy. It is very cheap to make such things. Your pillow can be useful to make you rich.

Pillow Toys
Pillow Toys
  1. Wood Lamp

You can make a lamp cover out of a wood log. You should make cracks neatly first. After that, polish it and let it dry. After it ready to use, buy a good lamp. Place the cover i.e. the wood log onto the lamp. You can place it in your garden or bedroom. It looks cozy and peaceful.

  1. Bird’s House

You can build a bird’s house out of toilet paper rolls. It is very easy to make. Birds will come by and make a nest there. You can also make a better ones and sell them online. Bird lovers will buy your products happily. You can colorize it vividly. Birds love it a lot.

  1. Cloud Lamp

You can transform cotton from your pillow or bolster into lamp cover. It will look like a thunder inside the cloud i.e. you cotton lamp cover. Place it in your bedroom and sleep tight like a baby. You can also colorize the cotton if you like. It is very creative. You can sell it to the market. Teens and kids are the big fans of it.

Cloud Lamp
Cloud Lamp
  1. Cathouse

You can help cats by making them a fantastically creative house. You can alter wood boxes or logs into a cathouse. They will love it a lot. Cats love to sleep in new environment make sure the wood is clean and free from termites and fungus. You can paint it if you like. Cat lovers will like it a lot. They will buy it from you.