The Future Vehicle Electric Car Environmentally Friendly is Here

Electric Car, The Future Vehicle That Is Environmentally Friendly

The Future Vehicle Electric Car

The future vehicle electric car are predicted to be future vehicles that are efficient and also environmentally friendly. Along with the increasingly expensive fuel due to reduced world oil production, electric cars are said to be an alternative to an effective mode of transportation, especially in cities.

Karl Benz is the person who is said to have first sparked the concept of this electric car. However, previously the concept of an electric car had been mentioned since the 18th century. At that time, a number of scientists in Europe and America focused on making environmentally friendly cars with the concept of battery powered vehicles.

Concepts and Ideas

Currently, there are various kinds of concepts and ideas regarding electric cars. There is a type of hybrid that combines oil and electricity energy. In addition there is a car that uses a machine but its function as a tool to recharge or commonly known as a plug-in hybrid. There are also purely electric cars because the driving power only relies on the battery.

Previously, the concept and idea of an electric car began with a simple train that used horse power and a motor, small-scale electricity to drive the train. The forerunner of this electric car was then developed into a more modern concept when William Morrison succeeded in creating an electric car with a maximum speed of up to 12mph, but it took up to 10 hours to charge the battery.

Recharge The Battery

Unfortunately, electric cars have experienced a decline due to the abundance of world oil reserves. Less practical because it takes a long time to recharge the battery is also one reason why electric cars have lost their interest. It was only in the 90s when environmental awareness was increasing and oil and natural gas reserves were depleting, that many companies tried to develop electric cars again.

Tesla Motor has developed a modern electric car concept that has attracted the attention of many people. The first generation of their electric car was developed around 2008 to 2012. Despite the failure, Elon Musk’s idea as the owner of Tesla Motor regarding an elegant. Sophisticated, practical and fast electric car apparently. Made many other automotive companies challenged to make it

Tesla motorcycles

Apart from Tesla motorcycles, several other automotive companies later developed their own flagship electric cars. Like Hyundai, which made Hyundai Ioniq and Kona, then there are General Motors and Honda who work together to make electric cars that are not only fast but also luxurious and environmentally friendly.

Even though they are competitive, the concepts and ideas of some of these automotive companies. Regarding their electric cars are almost the same. They created electric cars to reduce dependence on fossil fuels which are depleting and cannot be renewed anymore.

Electric cars have the potential to be created as transportation in the future. Especially if you look at the bad impact of gasoline-powered cars on the environment today. Meanwhile, scientists are also working on creating new types of batteries for electric cars. Which can be used to travel longer distances on a single charge.

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