Easy Drawing Ideas and Concept You Must Know About

Getting to Know about Easy Drawing Ideas and Concept

Easy Drawing Ideas

Easy drawing ideas and concept you must know about before starting to draw something on the paper. The first job an artist has is finding the concept for the drawing. Concept basically is an abstract idea that help people to slowly create an idea that works best for the concept. Sometimes, an artist can spend days or even weeks to create concepts. However, after concept has been made, an artist could expand the concept into ideas.

In order to build a great concept, it needs consistency, discipline, care and a lot of time to keep exploring. Considering that the skill of concept art is very important in order to become a well – trained and professional artist, you should learn this subject really deeply. Here are some drawing concepts and ideas that you can try right now to train your skill.

5 Major Drawing Ideas to Train Your Concept Art

  1. Draw a Person

One of the most popular drawing objects that artists like to try is drawing people. If you are new into this subject, that you can try it by drawing the caricature of yourself. You can imagine yourself as a hero then draw your imagination on the blank paper. Instead of drawing your self – portraits from ordinary perspective, you can try from different perspectives.

If you still don’t have any idea on how to draw self – portrait from different perspectives, you can see it yourself by placing a mirror from opposed angles. Then draw the eye in a close up and sketch the hands. You can make different style of ears by observing people’s ears. You can also draw self – portrait by looking at your reflection in the spoon.

  1. Draw Landscape

There are many options of landscapes that you can draw. You can draw the landscape that you see from the window. You can also draw an imaginary natural landscape or landscape that you ever saw in the past.

To make your draw more unique and different, you can draw from unusual perspective such as draw a view from under a bridge, a view of the city from high building, view of a cliff when you see it from the top and so on.

  1. Draw Imagination

If you like to draw something out of ordinary, you can start it by drawing your own imagination. You can illustrate a picture from popular song, create a special character from your favorite novel and book, you can also draw a very beautiful flower bouquet for wedding ceremony, create minimalist and beautiful house that you always dreamt of, and so on.

  1. Draw Schedule

You can make your week schedule become more interesting to see when you create illustration based on the schedule. You can create illustration of your to – do list over the week or even meal that you want to eat very much.

  1. Draw Things at Home

Ideas for drawing can come from various sources, even things at your home. You can draw the items that are stored in the pantry and fridge, draw shoes, unfolded laundry or even your vegetable on the kitchen table.

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