5 Most Terrific Items in Milky Way Galaxy

This galaxy is full of creative people. They are the true gift from the universe. They are rare and very unique. We all should thank them for what they have created for the world. I need them. You need them. We need them. Everyone at need them. The whole world need them so much. Every thing that can make your day brighter and easier is because of their creativity. Let us see their tools below.

  1. A Moon Lamp

Well, it is the idea of my sister, Lilian. She makes a lamp that looks like a moon. The material is actually an oil paper. The lamp should be brown or yellow to maximize the visual effect. It is very cheap and easy to make. You will need a globe to shape the paper.

moon lamp
moon lamp
  1. A Hands-Free Umbrella

When the rainy season comes, it is very important to bring an umbrella. However we have to hang on the handle. It is not efficient if we want to do something with our both hands. Therefore, you can  create a hands-free umbrella to make your activity easier in the rain.

  1. Bottle Lights

Alter your transparent bottles into lamps. The light inside the bottle is very amazing. It looks unique and beautiful. You can place them in cafe or bedroom. People will love it a lot. You can insert a colorful lamp into the bottle. Let there be light my man!

  1. USB Rechargeable Batteries

Basically, it is a charging source in the form of battery. It means literally. You can charge your double A battery before you connect it or plug the USB cable to your smartphone. It is very simple and efficient to carry. It is durable and sturdy. You can recharge the battery for thousands of times.

USB Rechargeable Batteries
USB Rechargeable Batteries
  1. A Windows to Look at the Sky

You can extend the width of the window so that you can see the sky a little bit outside the window. You can lean your back and head and see the beautiful sky without getting worried about falling from the third floor or get wet by the rain. This unique window design is created by my father, Antonio. Make sure you choose strong metal and thick glass to support your body. Titanium frame is the best that you can use. Male sure you clean it up every day. Cleanliness is very important to see the sky clearly.

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