5 Most Creative Machine on Earth

There are too many machine in the world. It looks like that people evolve better than before. Their ability to create new machine or stuff is fantastic. Probably, it is because there is a massive universal energy that merge with new born babies. The energy is believed and known as the source of creativity. If you are on of those babies, share your creativity with the world. It is tour responsibility to make a better world. Let Michael Jackson rest on peace.

  1. Flying Car

If you are genius and rich or you have rich friends who plays at, make the flying cars. Nicola Tesla is the one who first invented the technology to defy gravity. Then, Brown and Bifeld learn it further to create the real flying sorcerer. It is the time of flying cars. The future is now.

flying car
flying car
  1. Flying Motorcycle

The world needs new kind of motorcycle. You can create the world first flying motorcycle by using theory of anti-gravity. We can make the future now. It will be phenomenal. You can imagine how great the Moto GP is if they ride of a flying motorcycle.

  1. Faster than Light Speed Plane

A lot of people want to travel in space. They want to explore the universe. However, the speed is limitation. Hence, they want to build a spacecraft that can surpass the speed of light. The key is to build such thing is the Alcubierre theory. Of you are very smart, you can build the spacecraft that uses space fiber as the force to drag forward and push forward the craft.

  1. Flying Board

Today is not the time for skateboard. It is the time for flying board. The principle is basically the same with the flying sorcerer. The difference is only the shape i.e. a flying board like skateboard. Sell this thing worldwide. You can become very rich. It be a means of transportation. Teenagers and young people will love it a lot. Make your own brand.

flying board
flying board
  1. Flying House

A man who confesses that he is from the future tells that there will be flying houses in the future. Since the future is now, you cam build the very first flying house and make the world workshop you like God. Flying house is anti earthquake and anti tsunami and anti flood. It is because it is flying. What a wonderful idea.

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