5 Most Attractive Furniture in the Universe

Day after day, new creative people are born. They are the ones who make the world colorful and unique. Some say we ca create our own heaven on earth. We can also create our own hell on earth. Nonetheless, if we want to live linger and evolve further, we should make heaven on this planet. With the help of creative people, we can make it faster and more easily. If you are very creative, you can create your own products and be rich.

  1. A Nest Bed

You can make your bed like a nest of a bird. It is very easy to make one. You can prepare a lot of wood blocks to create the nest bed. You cam colorize it whatever you like. Possibly, you can sell it and become richer than you are today. The bed is extremely unique and new. Sleep well, sleep tight, and sleep soundly. Do not let the bed bugs bite!

  1. Rainbow Table

Rainbow table is amazing and beautiful. You can make it by transforming artificial crystals or glasses into a table. Do it carefully and neatly. Make sure the crystals and glass are clean and colorful. Make the shape of the table as creatively as you can. Sell it to the world and make yourself richer than before.

Rainbow Table
Rainbow Table
  1. A Bookmark Lamp

Take a drinking bottle and fill it with mineral water. You can add fluorescent chemical I to it. When the darkness is real, your book will still get the light. This idea comes from my sister, Angela. She is very creative. You cam make the lamp with any transparent drinking bottles.

  1. A Ball Bathtub

It will be very creative if you make a bathtub out of a glass. Make sure that glass is very thick and dense. You can take a bath like a queen or a king. It is very modern and beautiful. Add hot water to relax your muscles after working all day long.

Ball Bathtub
Ball Bathtub

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