4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications. One of the universal features used in every mobile app is notification. Just like the name, notification is to notify you when messages or calls are entering. In certain apps, like Calendar, it reminds you if there is an important event to attend. Furthermore, the notification can also be a reliable marketing tool as it lets users go back to an app. E-commerce platforms are good examples of it.

If you have a plan to develop a new mobile app and want to offer it via the App Store, notifications are important things to consider. Unfortunately, some apps are failing in utilizing notifications. Consequently, notifications even turn into annoying and disturbing things to users. To avoid experiencing the same thing, here are some interesting concepts of notifications to know.

Lock Screen Notifications and Daily Planners

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications
Lock screen Notifications

A notification itself has some concepts to have. One of the concepts is known as the calendar concept as it combines push notifications and daily planners. Users can shift notifications to find out the plan that has been written every day. They also can see information specifically related to their activities on a particular day. Since the entire information can be found only by opening it once, users may feel more comfortable. They also want to use and open the app more often.

Customizations of Notification Setting

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications
Notifications settings

Have you ever noticed and even counted how many notifications that appear every day on your mobile device? If yes, you must also realize that not all of those notifications can attract and prompt you to open them. Yes, every day, users are bombarded by so many notifications from all apps. Unfortunately, not all those notifications are important. They are also impersonal and irrelevant as well as they appear not at the right time. Sure, if they are disturbing, it is the users’ right to inactivate them.

So, customizations of notification settings are very important. Users can have full control of whether they want to activate or inactivate them. Even if they want notifications to still be active but not disturbing, users can just mute them. So, it is very important to provide such customizations for the users’ comfort.

Request for Permissions

One of the worst concepts in notification things is sending a request for permission without giving clear explanations. So, the user may see sentences “This app wants to send you notifications”. Anyway, when a developer sends messages or requests for permission, they wish users will permit them to send notifications. However, many users prefer blocking it since they think it is not important. To avoid such things happening, developers need to explain details why users must give permissions for them to send notifications.

Reading Details of Notifications

4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications
4 Important Concepts to Have in Mobile Apps’ Notifications

Reading details of notifications, known also as deepening details, is the next important concept on a mobile app’s notification. By applying this concept, users can take a look at or reading information completely without opening the app directly. The technique applied is also known like progressive revelation. Users see it through a button with sentences “Show More”.

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