4 Clever Ideas and Concepts of the Future Technology

4 Clever Ideas and Concepts of the Future Technology

4 Clever Ideas

4 Clever Ideas and Concepts of the Future Technology is always improving day by day. Nowadays, many researchers develop many clever ideas for future hokiku88 technology that will help human daily life. If you are curious about that, here are 4 clever ideas and concepts of technology that will blow your mind.

  1. Pain-Free Tattoo Removal

The first clever technology idea is pain-free tattoo removal. This technology will be truly beneficial for you who want to remove the tattoo that you regret. The surprising thing is that it is pain-free, so you will not feel any pain while removing your tattoo. The pain-free tattoo removal is way cheaper than laser removal and gentler.

The concept of this pain-free tattoo removal is to take advantage of the properties of the immune system. There is a cream developed by a Ph.D. student named Alec Falkenham in the United States. This cream serves to deliver drugs to white blood cells. Then, this cream will make the ink on your skin come off and protect your skin during the tattoo removal process.

  1. Heart Monitoring T-Shirt

The concept of this t-shirt is by using a single lead ECG that is printed onto the fabric. Thus, this shirt will be able to accurately measure your heart rate. Moreover, the data from your heart rate will be uploaded to the cloud via Bluetooth and will be processed by an algorithm to detect your heart rate. Knowing a regular heart rate is very important because it can save a person’s life, such as those who have arrhythmias and heart attacks.

Therefore, these t-shirts are not only beneficial for athletes but also for the public. Besides, this t-shirt will also be developed for use in clinical applications so that people who have a heart attack can be more alert by knowing their heart rate.

  1. Car Batteries That Charge in 10 Minutes

Having a fast-charging vehicle is an incredible thing. Now, it is not only an imagination cause a new technology for a fast-charging car is being developed. There is a car battery that can charge only within 10 minutes. It is a short time to have your car fully charged.

Researchers found that the battery can heat up to 60 ° C in just 10 minutes and then quickly cool back to normal temperature. This prevents the surge of lithium from forming and can prevent heat damage to the car battery. The concept of this battery uses a thin nickel foil which heats up in about 30 seconds and creates an electric circuit. Meanwhile, rapid cooling is carried out using a cooling system designed in the car.

  1. Self-Driving Trucks

Self-driving trucks are a smart and clever new technology that is beneficial for human life. Of course, this innovation will facilitate the logistics journey. Self-driving trucks are also cheaper to run than regular rigs and use less fuel. This type of truck is also able to run longer because it is operated by a computer system. However, many companies say that these trucks still need human passengers to ensure cargo remains safe.

All of those new ideas and concepts for future technology are stunning and incredible. Finally, that’s all about 4 clever ideas and concepts of future technology that you have to know.

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